We Help Guide You on Your Journey Towards Optimal Health

We offer medical consultations using a Functional Medicine approach, including advanced testing and education on lifestyle modifications. These consultations can be provided in-office, at the patient’s home, or at a public venue, and can be provided to individuals, families, or groups.

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What We Do

We use a Functional Medicine approach and focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of illness and disease. We offers advanced testing through functional labs, as well as medical consultations and education to help individuals improve their health through lifestyle changes.

Our focus is always on the individual patient, with an emphasis on personalized care and finding the right path for each person’s specific needs and desires. Our goal is to help individuals not just survive, but thrive by reversing the course of chronic illness and promoting overall wellness.

Our Featured Services

Initial Comprehensive Functional Medicine Consultation

90 minute consultation – we will review the information from your intake forms, ask for some clarification and additional details to complete the picture, identify underlying processes contributing to symptoms or disease using a Functional Medicine Timeline & Matrix and then formulate an initial plan of action to address any underlying imbalances or deficiencies. A functional medicine prescription is provided with diet and lifestyle recommendations, exercise prescription, supportive supplements, and recommendations for referrals that we feel will be helpful in addressing your concerns.

Comprehensive Follow Up Visits

45-75 minute appointment to evaluate progress since the initial or prior visit, review any labs performed in the interim and to make modifications in the prescription to facilitate continued healing and progress.

Comprehensive appointments with an emphasis on making ongoing modifications in diet, lifestyle and/or supplements. Healing takes time and change is often needed as we identify new things (eg. specific food sensitivities, autoimmunity), pinpoint insufficiencies (eg. nutritional, pancreatic enzymes, gastric acid) and continue to address ongoing imbalances.

Focused Follow Up Visits

30-45 minute appointment to assess how you are doing, monitor symptom or disease progress, brief review of labs or other diagnostics and management of hormone replacement therapies.

Brief Acute Visit

15-20 minutes. Intended to address a minor acute process (e.g. ear infection, minor injury, sore throat, etc.) or a change in condition. (For established patients only

Brief Acute Visit Follow Up

A 10-15 minute follow up visit to the acute process mentioned above. Monitoring for improvement or the need for alternative treatment approach.

Your Guide For Navigating Through Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness

We offer additional services to benefit you in areas that you may need the most help. It is not always clear, at first, what items should stay in a pantry and which should go. Shopping through supermarket aisles can be quite confusing and overwhelming, especially with all those health labels and fancy marketing ploys. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve been in a gym or lifted a weight. We can help you feel more comfortable with the various machines & equipment and how to make the best use of them with an individualized program designed for your needs and abilities.

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Additional Services

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IV Nutraceutical Therapies

The administration of IV Fluids with added vitamins, minerals, amino acids, as well as Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium and others. Several cocktails are available to address various conditions or concerns. Pricing available upon request.

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An Educational Supermarket Tour at Your Supermarket

We will personally accompany you to the supermarket of your choice to educate you on the best and worst foods. You will also be instructed on how to read and understand food labels as well as how to accomplish your dietary changes based on your personal budget.

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Refrigerator & Pantry Overhaul

We personally meet with you at your home to review the items currently in your pantry and refrigerator. You will receive an overview of potentially health damaging effects that may be present in your home environment. We will offer suggestions on improvements to better optimize your health.

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A (Re) Introduction to the Gym

Personalized gym training session to assist you in establishing a training program that incorporates cardio, strength training and supporting classes. You will learn proper form and use of weight machines and cardio equipment as well as determining appropriate exertion levels for you.
Please note: This service does not seek to replace the need for a personal trainer who may provide you with the motivation and continued progress that you may need.

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Meal Planning and Recipes

Assistance with meal planning and recipes for preparation of healthy meals for you and your family. This can include options that are Paleo, Low Carb, Keto, Low FODMAP, Vegetarian, Gluten Free. Meal ideas for specific food sensitivities also offered. This is provided by Sue Gomes, RN or Mandy Nix, RD.

Functional Medicine Health Education

We offer educational sessions to families or small groups. These are for individuals that are interested in learning more about diet and lifestyle factors that contribute to dysfunction & disease and in approaches to counter these effects. Topics may include things such as Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut, Autoimmunity, Hormone Imbalances, etc.

There are no specific, individualized recommendations in these sessions. They are intended for obtaining knowledge only and there will be no individual prescriptions given.
These can be offered as formal lectures (eg. PowerPoint), informal discussions or as Q&A sessions.

These must be scheduled in advance and topics for discussion provided beforehand. The charge is the same regardless of how many attendees are present.


Areas covered in the lecture include:

  • Nutritional and Dietary Modifications
  • Exercise
  • Stressors
  • Metabolic Pathways
  • Contributing Factors to Disease & Dysfunction (Triggers and Mediators)
  • Suggested Supplementation for systems support

Topics for consideration include:

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome – The impact of intestinal permeability on health and disease
  • Gluten and Other Food Sensitivities
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Sex Hormone Imbalances
  • Thyroid Dysregulation
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes – The Better Approach
  • The Cholesterol Panel – What Does it All Mean
  • Dysbiosis and Disease – The Importance of Our Gut Microbes
  • Exercise and Your Health
  • Paleo/Primal Diet
  • Nutrition and Your Health – More important than you may realize
  • Chronic Infections – How They Impact on Daily Function
  • Autoimmunity & Molecular Mimicry
  • Stress and Disease
  • The Importance of Social Connectedness
  • The pathway to Cardiovascular Disease
  • Fats – Why do they matter and which ones do I need
  • A Keto Approach to Healthy Living
  • Eating Healthy on the Cheap


These are just suggested topics and they can be modified or even combined into single discussions. Additional topics are always welcome.

You choose the topic you wish to have reviewed. We can review your topics of interest when you contact us and formulate a discussion that will be pertinent and relevant to you and your attendees.