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Billing Information and Insurance

Billing Information

  • We accept MC/VISA, HSA or Flexible Spending Accounts, Check or Cash for payments.
  • Payments may be made in advance or at the time of service.
  • We do not accept insurance for reimbursement. Our office is not in-network with any insurance companies.


The services we offer are not considered to be standard conventional therapies and the compensation provided by insurance companies, if any, is negligible and would prohibit us from being able to offer the services we do. We are able to make the recommendations that we do because we are not bound by the insurance industry and their regulations. Our priority is your wellbeing and in improving your health, not on core measures and treatment algorithms. We have a spectrum of functional testing that evaluates root causes of symtoms and goes far beyond the abilities of conventional labs.

We can provide you with a receipt [super bill] for your visit with us which you can submit to your insurance company for attempt at reimbursement or to place toward your annual deductible. We offer no assurances that you will receive reimbursement for our assessment. Payment to us must be made at the time of service.

We do not complete insurance claims nor submit claims to insurance companies on a patient’s behalf.

We have no affiliation with any insurance companies and do not fall under the “Network Provider” status.

Insurance companies place many restrictions on doctors, making it difficult to treat you efficiently. Even though there are out-of-pocket expenses, our patients find it is well worth it!

Laboratory Testing

Conventional Laboratory Testing

We offer conventional laboratory testing through Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

  • We provide phlebotomy in our office.
  • To have the labs drawn at our office, we request that you schedule the appointment with us in advance.
    Phlebotomy services are available on Mondays, Tuesdays,
    and Wednesday mornings and at other times by specific
  • You can also present to a Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp Patient Service Center, where your blood will be drawn
    and the samples run. The results are then forwarded to
    our office and will be reviewed with you at your follow-up

Advanced, Functional Labs

Examples of Advanced Diagnostic Testing

  • Salivary Hormones – identifying the need for and monitoring of hormone replacement therapy
  • 24-hour urine hormones with metabolites – assessing the metabolism pathways of estrogen and detoxification
  • 28-day cycle salivary hormones – to assess menstrual irregularities, infertility concerns, and hormone imbalances
  • Salivary Cortisol Stress Profile – assess for adrenal fatigue
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Testing – TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Total T3, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroid Antibodies
  • Food Sensitivity Panels – identify food sensitivities, which may assist in recommendations for food elimination
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis – for evaluating dysbiosis, parasites, or candida (yeast) overgrowth using the GI
    Effects Profile from Genova Diagnostics.
  • Nutritional Profiles – assessing for specific nutrient deficiencies and targeted supplementation
  • Heavy Metal Analysis – Blood, Urine – Provoked, Unprovoked
  • Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity Panels, as well as Gluten Cross Reactivity Screens, through Cyrex Labs
  • Comprehensive Lipid Analysis (cholesterol panel) – NMR Lipo-Profile, Cardio IQ – to assess risk for cardiovascular
  • CardioMetabolic Assessment – Lab panel, assessing for increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Genomics Profiles – performed through Genova Diagnostics – DNA analysis looking at specific genetic risk
    factors – Saliva Testing
    • CardioGenomic
    • DetoxiGenomic
    • EstroGenomic
    • ImmunoGenomic
    • NeuroGenomic

Important Notes About Our Practice

We are a Functional Medicine Practice and offer medical consultations emphasizing diet and lifestyle as an initial approach to healing. We recommend nutraceutical supplementation, as deemed appropriate for specific symptoms or conditions, and utilize other modalities in a holistic approach to your health. We tailor our interventions to your specific needs.

We are not a conventional medical practice and do not provide routine screening examinations or acute care assessments for individuals that are not established patients. Initial treatment recommendations will most often be lifestyle based and will not involve pharmaceutical interventions unless necessary and appropriate.

We utilize functional lab testing that is cutting edge and can pinpoint where the dysfunction is occurring, assisting in identifying root causes of illness. We may recommend follow up with other holistic experts (eg. yoga, meditation, massage therapist, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc) to help in the healing process and to provide a balanced treatment approach. We may recommend referral to a conventional specialist for further evaluation of a condition or routine screening assessments (e.g. Gastroenterology for a colonoscopy; Cardiology for Stress Testing).

We offer an educational experience with each consultation. The knowledge you obtain can guide you throughout your health journey. This is a unique experience where you can play a part in your health by learning about dietary and lifestyle factors that adversely affect your health, causing symptoms or disease, and the need for more medications or procedures. The knowledge you obtain can help change the way you feel, the way you look, and the path that you are currently on. You must be in the driver’s seat regarding your health and wellness. The conventional approach relinquishes autonomy and decision-making to the physician. We encourage you to be the one in control of the direction of your health.

We offer education, and we offer guidance. Some of what we discuss will contradict conventional and mainstream medical practice. Still, it is based on a natural, holistic approach that has been implemented for centuries and proven over time. It is meant to assist with healing, not merely concealing a disease process. We utilize cutting-edge research, advanced labs, ancestral health, and over 2 decades of medical experience treating disease and complex medical conditions. Our discussions are based on human physiology and a systems biologic approach. We are not influenced by the pharmaceutical industry or by guidelines created through questionable research methods and meeting algorithms or core measures established by healthcare agencies. We believe that everyone can benefit from a little education. Who knows and understands your body better than you?

We look to serve as your Wellness Expert, your guide to healing, and we are here to support you through the journey.

Office Consultation Fees

  • Initial Functional Medicine Consultation: $450
  • First Follow-Up Appointment (Comprehensive): $400
  • Follow-Up Appointments: $200-$350, determined by the duration and complexity of the visit.
  • Wellness Nurse Consultations: $100 – support with diet, stress, sleep, and activities
  • Health Coaching Consultations: $100 – Ongoing support to help keep you on track.
  • Wellness Check-Ins: $25 (weight, vital signs, body composition analysis).
  • BrainTap Sessions: $25
  • There are additional charges for portal communications, text messaging, phone calls, and email responses that
    occur between appointments.
  • Annual Wellness Plans are available upon request. These cover all the costs of the consultations and all
    communications in between. Individual and Family options
    are available.
  • Labs are billed separately and are not included in our wellness plans. Charges for individual labs are available upon request.
  • Conventional Labs (LabCorp, Quest
    Diagnostics, LabTech) can be submitted through insurance
    but there is no assurance of coverage/reimbursement.
  • Cash Pricing is available on all labs.
  • We are not responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance and billed to you by the lab.

Patient Portal


An Invitation to the portal will be provided via email once you are established as a patient in our practice and schedule an appointment with us. The link to your portal will be sent to you through an email provided by Power2Patient. Click on the link, create your new password, and save the website as a favorite or bookmark it so you can easily access it again in the future. Your User ID is the email address that you provided us with.


  • On Power2Patient you can enter your allergies, medications, supplements, preferred pharmacy, insurance information, and a preferred payment method (credit card, HSA).
  • Billing receipts for your visits are available on this portal.
  • All prescriptions are submitted here, including compounded medications.

This is also our integrated platform for the completion of Medical Intake Forms/Questionnaires and Consent Forms. You will receive a separate link to this page through your email. Bookmark it for future use.


  1. This site has health trackers that are useful for monitoring your progress (blood pressure, weight, macronutrients, anxiety, sleep, and more).
  2. Lab results will also be made available here.
  3. The messaging system is simple and convenient. It is a secure platform that enables you to communicate with us about your medical concerns or any questions you may have before or after your appointments.