About Functional Medicine

Empower Yourself and Take Control of Your Health

Functional Medicine uses an integrative approach with an emphasis on identifying root causes that lead to an individual’s illnesses and poor health. By addressing these, through modifications in lifestyle factors and other triggers of dysfunction, it is possible to improve, reverse, or even eliminate many of these conditions. It is an holistic approach with a focus on every aspect that makes us who we are.

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We Help Your Thrive, Not Just Survive

We are presently ill-served by the conventional model of utilizing a pharmaceutical treatment for every condition, “a pill for every ill”, focused on suppression of symptoms rather than a cure, all while the disease process continues unabated. While there is a time and place for medications, they are now used as the primary treatment in the majority of these chronic medical conditions. History shows that this has only led to further disease progression.  The success rate of cure with pharmaceutical therapies is quite low.  While it may be necessary to be on pharmaceutical treatments for a period of time, providing symptom relief and reducing immediate or impending risks, there will be little long-term benefit if the underlying cause is not addressed.

Improving people’s lives through lifestyle modification – dietary changes, proper nutrition, effective exercise, stress management, targeted supplementation and optimized sleep – attention to the mind, body & spirit – you can achieve dramatic changes in your life. Our goal is to help individuals learn how to thrive, not just survive, by imparting this knowledge to them and offering testing that can help identify root causes of dysfunction, before a disease has even developed, and providing guidance to help reverse this process.

We Help Find the Right Path For You

Our office offers advanced testing through functional labs (eg. Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex Labs, etc) that better identify root causes and specific areas that therapies can be targeted. Conventional laboratory assessments are offered through Quest Diagnostics.

We offer medical consultations focused on the prevention or management of chronic medical conditions. We use a Functional Medicine approach to identify abnormalities (root causes) and address them. We offer an education with every consultation.  This knowledge enables you to take control of your own health and empowers the individual to improve themselves. Consultations can be provided in our office, your home or a public venue. We offer individual, family or group consultations and discussions but each person is evaluated individually and we charge per person. We do offer group discounts.

Our focus is on the individual patient: a biochemically unique person, with their own life experiences, food preferences and intolerances, physical abilities, life circumstances, spiritual beliefs, education level, social structure, prior medical therapies, environmental exposures and genetics. There is no “One Size Fits All” and we help to find the right path for you, addressing your specific needs and desires.

The body is capable of healing itself…. We help you learn how.