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It’s Just the Way It Is…

We have now come to a point that we just accept things for what they are… It is what it is. Food comes in colorful boxes and bags Toxins are everywhere Television is a form of relaxation and education Wii is a form of exercise Pretty pictures on our walls are the closest we can […]

You Are More Than a Label

Have you ever been referred to by any of the following terms?  Do you know anyone who has? Diabetic Hypertensive Asthmatic Heart Patient Arthritic Hypothyroid Obese I feel it is a real injustice in medicine that we label individuals by the conditions that they have rather than simply acknowledging that this is an individual that […]

Nutrient Dense Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Nutrient Dense Shepherds Pie The savory flavor of the grass-fed beef paired with the buttery-rich, sweet potato mash is sure to comfort the soul. Now that Fall is just around the corner, why not try this quick and cozy recipe! Ground Beef: 1-1.5 lb Grass-Fed Ground Beef Season with salt, pepper, paparika & garlic. Sautee […]

It’s About More Than Your Food…

While I certainly agree that our path to healing starts with food –  it is not where the path ends. There is a great book: “It Starts With Food“,  written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, that is a wonderful read and provides a great foundation with which to start your journey toward better health.  I highly […]

The Sins of My Past…

“I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear“. These words, spoken by Colonel Benjamin Martin [Mel Gibson], in the movie The Patriot can ring true for many circumstances in our lives.  This is a quote that I have thought of many times […]


MISGUIDED…   22 years ago, I entered medical school. Yes, I’m that old! Bright-eyed, eager, motivated, and triple-chinned. I was a mere 30+ pounds overweight for my 5’6″ frame (and I am not big-boned, for those that are wondering). My mind was like a sponge, ready to absorb everything that was thrown my way. I had […]

How You Should Eat

How You Should Eat

How You Should Eat Is The Cornerstone Of Healing One of the key issues involved in our customized healing programs at Optimal Healthcare and Wellness has everything to do with how you should eat.  Perhaps the most surprising reaction we see from our patients is their disbelief regarding what we tell them they can eat […]

Welcome To Optimal Health & Wellness

Welcome To Optimal Health & Wellness

Welcome to Optimal Health & Wellness… Our focus is on education through a Functional Medicine lens, a personalized approach to health & wellness.  Our core belief is that each person can transform themselves through lifestyle modifications, which can lead to improvement or reversal of illness, guiding the individual on a journey toward optimal health.

Teaching You to Heal Through The Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

Teaching You to Heal Through The Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

Our educational programs are personalized to your areas of interest. You select the topics and the content, we provide the information.  Understanding that each person is made up of a highly complex and interconnected biochemical communication system that incorporates the mind, body and spirit makes each of us unique and a personalized program helps to guide you.

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