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HomeMade Almond Milk


Are you still drinking cows milk?  With all the problems of  conventional dairy, a great alternative is Almond Milk!  It’s a low glycemic alternative to rice milk and doesn’t cause problems with hormone levels like soy milk.  AND, Perfect with my No-Oatmeal “Oatmeal” Cookies!




Vanilla Almond Milk


~1 Cup organic Raw Almonds

~2 1/2 Cups Filtered Water

~1 tsp vanilla extract

~2 tsp cinnamon

~Pinch of sea salt


1. Measure 1 cup almonds, rinse well & drain

2. place in large mason jar or pitcher and add twice the volume of filtered water

3. Cover with towel and let them soak at Room Temp for at least 12 up to 24.

4. when the almonds are ready, rinse and drain well. They should be nice and plump!

5. Add the almonds and 2 1/2 cups filtered water to high speed blender( recommend using a very good blender like vitamin mix)

6. Add vanilla, pinch of salt and cinnamon.

7. Blend on high until completely pulverized.

8. Drink as is or if you don’t like the small grittiness ( I like it!) use a nut milk bag to strain and squeeze out from top to bottom.

9. Can be stored for up to 4 days.



Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk


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