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Do You Like Fiction?

If you are a fan of fiction then you will enjoy this article. Take a gander at the 2018 US News & World Report’s Best Diets article, ranked by “Leading Nutrition Experts”. It is the same work of fiction as last year, the year before and several years before that. Click on link to take […]

Don’t Be Orthorexic

We as a society may be developing a certain level of Orthorexia.   Most dietary programs actually promote this. If you are avoiding certain foods at all costs, even if they don’t appear to cause you any direct harm or because of some belief that they will completely derail your efforts, then you have Orthorexia. […]

Our Children’s Meals – A Recipe for Disaster

I think it is safe to say that, in our household, we go “against the grain” with our child’s lunches. Our focus for him is to provide a balanced nutritious meal in the form of real food. The average public school lunch is atrocious and the government requirements only contribute to obesity, brain fog, nutritional […]

A Healer in Every Home

The time has come for each of us to return home. To return to a place where we are one with mother nature and our creator. Not in a hippy, “kumbayah-way”, but one where we leave out the noise and distractions all around us.  We have been disconnected for far too long. We need to […]

A Testimonial from a Patient

A Testimonial:   “I’ve had a stomach ache my entire life. I don’t remember a time when my stomach didn’t hurt.  I remember times when it got better for a while and I remember times of great stress when it became almost unbearable.  About 3 years ago was one of those times. I had recently […]

Your Doctor is No Super Hero

I say this title somewhat tongue-in-cheek, with mixed feelings, but it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that your physician is NOT a super hero. There was a time, not so long ago, when physicians were members of a revered profession.  We were respected and looked up to.  Individuals looked for our guidance and followed it […]

HomeMade Almond Milk

  Are you still drinking cows milk?  With all the problems of  conventional dairy, a great alternative is Almond Milk!  It’s a low glycemic alternative to rice milk and doesn’t cause problems with hormone levels like soy milk.  AND, Perfect with my No-Oatmeal “Oatmeal” Cookies!     Vanilla Almond Milk Ingredients: ~1 Cup organic Raw […]

No Oatmeal “Oatmeal” Cookie Recipe

Just like wheat, oats have been touted for years as a wonder “health” food.  Now that we know oats cross react with gluten due to processing which can still weak havoc on out gut lining, not to mention their ridiculous high carb count that brings you a nice sugar crash shortly after -they don’t seem so healthy?! […]


I have to say that I have pondered this question occasionally over the course of the past 2 1/2 years. The title I chose is paraphrased after the name of a country song from one of my favorite artists, but it fits accordingly.  I don’t obsess over it or anything but it crosses my mind, […]

The Wonderful World of Gluten-Free

Me and My Gluten Sensitivity I came to this funny conclusion a couple of years ago that I have a Gluten Sensitivity, likely of the non-celiac variety (NCGS).  This falls under the umbrella of “Gluten-Related Disorders”.  Hardly recognized by the conventional medical establishment (of which I am part of) and nothing that I had ever […]

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