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About Sue Gomes

Sue Gomes, RN, BSN 

Sue is a wellness nurse whose primary goal is to help you along your journey to achieve optimal wellness and a more vibrant life.
She received her undergraduate education at LaSalle University in Philadelphia and graduated in 2001. Since graduation, Sue has worked as an Emergency Room nurse in hospitals in Maryland and New Jersey before settling in North Carolina where she continued Emergency Room nursing until 2009.
While working in the emergency department she discovered that this setting was not conducive to teach preventative medicine and wellness.  She had a desire to pursue a venue that would enable her to foster a truly healing encounter.
One of her greatest pleasures is in being a mom and raising her son.  Sue also enjoys strength training, running, hiking, kayaking, cross-fit and all things involving nature.
Specialized Services:
Sue provides specialized services through individualized appointments or small group sessions focusing in each of the following areas:


Dietary Modification

Individualized Meal Planning

Stress Management

Optimized Sleep Enhancement Implementation

Exercise Implementation Program

Contact Sue directly at sue@optimalhealthwnc.com